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Stay beautiful


Welcome to LE67 Berlin.

It is our aim to look after you individually, to care for you, to improve your quality of life, to strengthen the symbiosis of body and soul, to give you a ‘feel good’ experience.

Our latest technology and the high-quality products of our partner LA BIOSTHETIQUE® guarantee exclusive treatment.

Our services range from cosmetics for radiant beauty to anti-aging laser therapy treatment, NIR skin tightening, dye skin rejuvenation, ClearLift ‘Laser Facelift’, hair removal by waxing or permanent hair removal by Alma-Lasers™ HR or SHR-Pro Technology, to MedContour lipolysis and MedContour anti cellulite treatment.

Our specialists at LE67 Berlin use high-tech laser systems for the removal of pigmentation to get rid of aging marks and other benign pigmentation disorders. This process can also be used to remove permanent makeup or your unwanted tattoo.

Our body shaping services will streamline your body contour and improve your wellbeing. By utilising MedContour, focussed ultrasound and mechanical lymph drainage we can treat cellulite, weak connective tissue and stretch marks.
Our massages bring relaxation to your busy day.

For aesthetic treatments, such as botulinum wrinkle treatment, Filler treatment and the Fat-away-injection, Andrea Calleti, specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery, is your competent contact person with us.

A website can’t replace a personal conversation and face-to-face contact, it can only give a first impression. In the following pages, we’ll give you an insight into our services.

Guido Güthler
Proprietor LE67 Berlin